Training For Recruitment Consultants – 3 Core Skills You Must Develop

Training for recruitment consultants is vital in any recruitment business that you want to grow. People grow a business. Especially individual recruitment consultants that can bill and perform to a high level. Here is a reminder of the seven core recruitment consultant skills you must ensure your recruiters have.

1. Communication Skills

You might think this would be a given. Let’s think through this together. There is a saying that you cannot ‘not communicate’. So communication falls into a number of different categories, from the way you speak to someone, how you use your body, through to how you engage with individuals in a public place or on the phone. The good news is that good communication skills can be taught. Not everyone is a natural from the first day. If you have ever sent any of your consultants on a presentation skills course, you will know that some basic skills and principles can be taught.

2. Relationship building

This is a natural ability from being able to communicate. If someone struggles to connect with others, or build easy relationships, you will have a problem. Sorry to be blunt, but it is true. This is a vital ingredient that any recruitment consultant must have in their skills tool box. I agree that there may be some people we get along with better than others but when you are in a sales position, you have to learn how to adapt your style and build relationships. Here is a top tip. Be interested in others. Think about them first, ask questions and you will soon be in rapport and on the road to building a solid business relationship.

3. Persistence

Did you know that as a general room of thumb in selling is that you need seven touch points? It is rare that any of us buy something on the first interaction unless it is a commodity sale. When it comes to selling people or a company; which is the premise of recruitment, you will need a number of touch points.

This can be developed in a number of ways from meeting for coffee, sending an email, connecting on LinkedIn, or even to chatting on the phone or sharing a helpful article.

The disappointing thing is that many recruitment consultants give up way too soon. In fact one statistic says that less than 48% of people will never follow up with a prospect. The real shocker is that just over 10% of people make more than three contacts and then they stop. When you know that over 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact, you can clearly see why persistence pays off. An easy way to address this is to share these figures with your team. Make sure that when you are training your recruitment consultants, you have a system in place where you can monitor their activity. These steps alone will probably double their billing results. Trust me, they will thank you for it.

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