Sales Training Consultants Help Boost Your Team’s Sales and Profits

Sales managers are constantly jumping from one issue to another to find out why their sales forces are not reaching sales goals. But many are not looking at the problems that face their teams as a whole. Sales leaders need to not only understand the challenges their sales forces face every day, but also how they can improve their performance and, in the process, increase profits with the assistance of sales training consultants.

The Challenges Today’s Sales Force Face

Today’s market is competitive and extremely challenging. Your sales force is not only competing against similar companies, but the economy as well. Some common challenges include:

• Customers are taking longer to make decisions
• Customers are more cost-focused than value-focused
• Companies are requiring more proposals and sales wins than ever before to stay competitive
• Sales force members are competing against lower-priced competitors
• Sales force members are spending more time looking for hot leads
• Budget cuts are limiting sales force members on time they spend with customers and sales
• Too many new-to-the-game competitors are flooding the market
• Less staff and higher turnover are reducing sales
• Customer interest is dwindling

Improving Performance

When it comes to sales, performance is all that matters, but sales force members cannot perform without overcoming the challenges mentioned above. With the assistance of sales training consultants, sales team leaders can boost team member performance and increase profitability by addressing today’s toughest challenges and applying them to their team’s training.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these challenges and ways to transform them into advantages:

• Longer decision-making times: Customers want to take their time before they commit. In today’s shaky economy, they want the best deal and assurance that the company they work with is reputable. Sales force members can overcome this longer decision-making timeframe with more attractive selling propositions. They can work on a more effective lead scoring and prospect management list, which focuses on prospects that will not take extended amounts of time to decide on a sale. Sales training consultants can help determine the best way to go about prospecting and how to overcome the client objections that can lengthen the sales process.

• Competition: Today’s market is flooded with too many competitors and low-bidding companies that do not produce results. Unfortunately, your sales team is losing business to these low-priced competitors, regardless of their quality. Fortunately, are many tried and true strategies-both online and offline-to demonstrate how your company is the better choice. By using authentic, true customer testimonials on your website, you can quickly increase the credibility for your company. Hire an expert to write a white paper and utilize social networking to improve brand value and identity. In the field, your sales force needs to improve the quality of the customer’s experience through honesty and greater customer service, and by demonstrating a proven track record of superior performance. You can also boost the collaboration between marketing and sales to develop innovative offerings to enhance a product or service. Sales training consultants can help different departments communicate and work together more effectively, and provide guidance on ways to leverage existing services.

• Low customer interest: Why are customers reluctant to purchase your company’s products? What are your sales force team’s top three priorities for customers? By aligning your customer’s priorities with product marketing and sales strategies, you are able to bring more customers to the table and decrease the low interest margin in your company’s products and services. Sales training consultants can help you define the goals, priorities, and sales strategies that can take your business to the next level.

There will always be challenges to meet in the ever-evolving world of selling. Regardless of the state of the economy, the needs and attentions of customers will change. By staying on top of the challenges and devising a better way to combat them, your sales force will be more effective and profitability will follow.

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