Can You Be an Arbonne Consultant?

Many people today are looking for ways to make money without having to enter or re-enter the “corporate world”. One such way of achieving this is through multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses such as Arbonne® Skin Care.

A visit to their company website will familiarize the person interested in learning more about this company and the products that are offered. There is no legalese, just plain, simple language that tells about the company’s inception, how it works, what products are available and how to become an Arbonne® consultant.

Practically the first thing one sees upon accessing Arbonne® site are the words “this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.” Arbonne® states very quickly that the work is challenging, but can be very satisfying. The company also clearly states that how much one makes depends on how much effort one puts into the endeavor.

As with any other “MLM” type of business, one should thoroughly investigate Arbonne® BEFORE committing any money or time. If a company is as honest as their website presents it to be, then it can stand up to a little scrutiny on the part of anyone who is considering making a financial as well as physical investment in the company. It may be advisable to talk to someone who is already a consultant for Arbonne®. Of course, this is how most MLM businesses work-consultants or representatives recruit others into the business.

If, however, the consultant is genuinely interested in someone who is considering joining the company, rather than just getting someone’s money, then that person will frankly and candidly answer any questions that may arise concerning the Arbonne® corporation that a person may have. Once a person has completed as much research as is deemed necessary, then the real “soul-searching” should begin. Only that person can determine whether or not selling their products is the right thing to do.

Of course, the most important factor to consider is that of TIME. One cannot just send out a few e-mails or flyers announcing to one and all that she is now an Arbonne® consultant. It will be necessary to have personal encounters at some time, often at night or on weekends.

The monetary investment will be the next most important factor. It may take quite a while before one actually “recoups” the money that was spent to become an Arbonne® consultant, much less begins to see an actual profit. This will require an honest appraisal of finances, which will not ONLY include the initial investment, but also the cost of fuel and other expenses that this will entail.

Family life, of course, will have to be considered. If a consultant has a child that is not yet of school age, can the child be taken along, or will there be the added expense of a babysitter or daycare? All these and other things will have to be taken into consideration in order for one to determine if the Arbonne® consultant business is a good idea.

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