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So You Want To Offer Your Consulting or Coaching Services In The Internet?

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So you are a consultant or a coach who wants to offer your services in the internet. How do you determine exactly what you have to offer?

Here’s what you have to do:

Step1. Draw three circles in such a way that each circle intersects the other two circles.

Step2. Label the circles as follows: Knowledge, Passion, Market

Step3. Shade the common area covered by the three circles. This is your ideal area of operation. This is your sweet spot.


This circle represents what you know and what your experiences are as you go through your career. Most of the time your officemates, your friends, your relatives ask you to help them with the same or very similar problem. They ask you the “How do I…..?” question too often. It seems to you that they look upon you as the only expert who can provide them with the solution. They tell you openly that you are really very good at solving their specific problem.


This circle represents your passion in sharing what you know from the circle of knowledge. How much inside you do you desire to help people with what you know? If you will do it just for the sake of money, you will fail in the long run. Your clients can feel if you are there to help them or if you are simply making money from them. They will leave you in no time at all if they feel that you are just interested in making profits. On the other hand if your clients feel that you are there for them with the intention of helping them always, then they will stick it out with you for a long, long time.


You must learn how to find, research, select and penetrate your ideal market. These are lessons available from my mentor. I can introduce you to a great teacher who taught me these lessons. Simply register to my website below and I will introduce you to him.

Your Sweet Spot

This is the area that should be of most interest to you. You will most likely be successful if you focus on this area. It will also take you a shorter period of time to launch your product and start making money if you concentrate on this area once you found it.

Colorful Examples of Market Niches

The following examples show the variety of market niches in the internet. It is not limited to a group of market areas. The field is wide open for almost everybody!

Examples of consulting or coaching niches found from a Google search:

1. How to raise rabbits

2. How to raise orchids

3. Dancing lessons

Examples of consulting or coaching niches of participants of the live event class that I recently attended:

1. Conquering your sugar craving in a healthy, safe manner

2. Organizational development consulting

3. Outsourcing your technical customer support

4. Article writing and marketing process

5. Success with process improvements

6. Providing experience and knowledge in daily operations of restaurants through collaboration

7. Decorative windmills

8. Get control of your life

9. Accounting consultants

10. Program your subconscious for success

11. Book publishing coaching

12. How to get rid of your migraine headache

13. Teaching success to the youth

14. Build successful relationships online

15. Leadership development and coaching with expertise in conscious communication

16. Consulting on the use of polymers

17. Boost of gratitude, motivation and inspiration

18. Build your tribe that attracts clients

19. Strategy consulting

20. How to use laughter to improve your relationships

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Can You Be an Arbonne Consultant?

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Many people today are looking for ways to make money without having to enter or re-enter the “corporate world”. One such way of achieving this is through multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses such as Arbonne® Skin Care.

A visit to their company website will familiarize the person interested in learning more about this company and the products that are offered. There is no legalese, just plain, simple language that tells about the company’s inception, how it works, what products are available and how to become an Arbonne® consultant.

Practically the first thing one sees upon accessing Arbonne® site are the words “this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.” Arbonne® states very quickly that the work is challenging, but can be very satisfying. The company also clearly states that how much one makes depends on how much effort one puts into the endeavor.

As with any other “MLM” type of business, one should thoroughly investigate Arbonne® BEFORE committing any money or time. If a company is as honest as their website presents it to be, then it can stand up to a little scrutiny on the part of anyone who is considering making a financial as well as physical investment in the company. It may be advisable to talk to someone who is already a consultant for Arbonne®. Of course, this is how most MLM businesses work-consultants or representatives recruit others into the business.

If, however, the consultant is genuinely interested in someone who is considering joining the company, rather than just getting someone’s money, then that person will frankly and candidly answer any questions that may arise concerning the Arbonne® corporation that a person may have. Once a person has completed as much research as is deemed necessary, then the real “soul-searching” should begin. Only that person can determine whether or not selling their products is the right thing to do.

Of course, the most important factor to consider is that of TIME. One cannot just send out a few e-mails or flyers announcing to one and all that she is now an Arbonne® consultant. It will be necessary to have personal encounters at some time, often at night or on weekends.

The monetary investment will be the next most important factor. It may take quite a while before one actually “recoups” the money that was spent to become an Arbonne® consultant, much less begins to see an actual profit. This will require an honest appraisal of finances, which will not ONLY include the initial investment, but also the cost of fuel and other expenses that this will entail.

Family life, of course, will have to be considered. If a consultant has a child that is not yet of school age, can the child be taken along, or will there be the added expense of a babysitter or daycare? All these and other things will have to be taken into consideration in order for one to determine if the Arbonne® consultant business is a good idea.

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Consulting Professor – Mercenaries

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Have you ever thought about the difference between mercenary soldiers and the “regular” military? The mystique is that somehow the mercenary can’t be trusted as much (to do what is not clear) but that they may be more ruthless, better trained and perhaps better equipped. After all, their life is on the line and all they have is their reputation to keep them alive and earn them the next job.

I don’t know about mercenary soldiers, but I do know About the modern day equivalent in proprietary (for profit) universities. It has been my pleasure and frustration for the last five plus years to be a mercenary (dare I use that term rather than the politically correct “consultant”) for a number of online universities. This article is written to encourage the reader to consider the similarities between the university consultant and the myth of the mercenary soldier and ponders with me the implications for the future of education. Let’s start with…

Similarity #1: More Efficient and Effective

If you are hired for piecework, you get very efficient at producing just what the customer demands. If you teach as a consultant, you efficiently streamline your workload so that you can meet the expectations of your employer while increasing your profit level per hour of effort.

All people learn from each context in which they work. That is the reason that someone who has left a corporation, worked for others and eventually “boomerangs” back will likely be hired on at a greatly increased salary. A diversity of work experience equates to broader understanding of the marketplace in which you work. In a similar fashion, those of us who teach for a number of universities understand the broader context of proprietary education as well. This leads me to…

Similarity #2: Can’t Be Trusted?

Trust and allegiance are closely connected and as some might say, “You get what you pay for.” Military commanders must feel they can trust their troops to follow them anywhere as that is what they signed on for. For that, the country is willing to pay benefits, often long after the term of service is over. While there is always some desertion, it is so dishonorable that few would consider it, even in the face of an officer sending troops into a location where they will likely be killed. In a similar fashion to career military personnel, the typical university has tenured professors who, although they frequently grouse among themselves will basically toe the party line on university policy. They are attached and take personal ownership in the outcomes and would seldom desert.

Unlike the tenured professor, whose university has shown allegiance to them to the point they know they will be taken care of for life, the proprietary university has no allegiance to the professors who teach for them. Employment is on a contract by contract basis, easily terminated at the end of every term. Just as mercenary troops won’t hire on to commanders who are known to make fool-hearty decisions, since their lives are on the line, university professors who are employed on a term by term basis will choose to cut back or stop working altogether for a university where the rules they work under greatly inhibit their work, or the compensation does not make it worth the trouble.

Of course this leads to an emotional reaction among the staff of the university that they can’t be trusted. Natural tensions arise on both sides. It may seem to the professors that the university Deans want and expect all the support that they would be offered on other, less contractual grounds. The likely outcome here is that contract professors seldom tell the whole truth to those who employ them, giving instead the politically correct tone and “flying low under the radar.” This subtle duplicity is both necessary for continued employment and plays into the the perceptions of them not being completely trustworthy. It is a hard catch 22 and leads me to my last point…

Similarity #3: Various Points of Connection or Grist for the Mill?

Education is at its heart and soul a matter of connection between people with the outcome intended to help one or both of them expand their lives. In a traditional university, the working environment is one of a great deal of connection between the administration and the faculty. It may seem as though year after year the students come and go but the faculty remain. Therefore of course the greatest connections are between those individuals, to the extent that they may form strong “good old boy”clubs to the exclusion of others. Proprietary university education, by nature of being a business, concentrates its focus on the students who are their customers. To read University newsletters as an example you will find many short stories about professors helping students achieve, helping them get past personal trauma and still stay at the University, or helping them graduate. The administration and such universities are focused on the students while maintaining high expectations for faculty behavior, often not hesitating to make more rules to bring more faculty in line with those expectations. Of course this is a particularly reasonable point of view from their perspective and will at the end of the day create strong educational outcomes, which is their business. Nevertheless, it puts the university consulting educator in the role of “grist for the mill” as it is they must manage these new roles and expectations on top of their workload for no extra financial benefit. Since financial benefit is the only quality that keeps the connection between administration and faculty, there is a loss of warm feelings between the two every time the university adds extra demands without recognizing the cost.

And still I recommend it? At one point in my career I was chair of the doctoral program at a proprietary online university. While I had to step down from that position because I could not ethically hire people knowing that they were going to be treated merely as grist for the mill, I still highly recommend the job to others. In other words I don’t mind being grist, I love having the flexibility of minding my own business, my own time, and my own finances, but it’s an individual choice and people need to go into it knowing what they’re getting into. It might be made somewhat easier if university administrators could understand the consulting or mercenary professor’s point of view. But while I may dream of the day when the university says, “We really need this to happen, what do you need in order to make it fit with your life?” (as one would expect between any two negotiating parties), that is not so likely to happen in the near future. The realities of the market economy are that there are many people applying for online positions, so many so that administrators usually have an attitude of, “leave if you don’t like it.”

Still at the end of the day being a consulting professor offers you the same flexibility it offers the students taking your classes, you choose the time you to do your work (as long as the feedback to students is enough to satisfy them), and you manage how much you work you have and to a large extent the amount you get paid (working for multiple universities as needed). As a basically entrepreneurial spirit this works for me. I have flexibility and freedom in my life that I need to build the future that I want, with few encumbrances (or at least none that I can’t manage) from the people who sign the checks. The rewards are different, in that seldom are my collegial relationships within the university a source of my sense of connection or satisfaction in my work. Instead my connection to the doctoral students I mentor, and, less often, the students in my classes gives me the job satisfaction that I need. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely! But only if and when that person understands the issues and is willing to take them on. After all, a mercenary lifestyle is not for everyone.

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Becoming The Right Small Business Marketing Consultant

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In the past a person would have found it hard to become a small business marketing consultant. In present day the use of the internet has changed that. You can start your own business if you know how to do the following things.

1. Present your service to other small business owners in person. If you’re the type of person is comfortable talking to small business owners in person then you can quickly become the local small business marketing consultant expert.

When you realize that people still like to buy from people this gives you a huge advantage in starting your business. Plus if you have an understanding of how the Internet works, you have a tremendous opportunity to quickly build a business if you will get out and meet people face-to-face.

2. Understand how to bird dog, a project. Today small business marketing consultants do not have to physically do all the work, but rather they need to know where to find the people who can do the work for them. Let’s look a little closer at what you need to be consulting small business owners on.

3. Today these businesses should be marketing themselves on the Internet in various ways. The best way to do that is to target longtail keyword phrases built around local search.

For example, if you have a pet store in Eerie Indiana, a keyword phrase that you would target is Eerie Indiana pet store. There really is no limit to the number of phrases that you can target.

Businesses today should have a website and an auto responder. They should be able to present themselves in a positive light, encouraging customers to come to the store after visiting their website. They also should be capturing contact information from their customers for future follow-up via their autoresponder.

Having an autoresponder gives them the opportunity to quickly contact their mailing list and do such things as offer specials, let them know when new products come out, or just invite them into the store for various celebrations and functions.

4. One final thing we want to mention is consulting today with small businesses on their marketing is an ongoing thing. The successful consultant is one who is going to be around tomorrow to help businesses as their needs change.

If you are willing to do this, you become more than a consultant. You actually become a valued partner in their business.

It’s easy to become the right small business marketing consultant for them when you let them know everything that you provide.

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Benefits of Hiring SharePoint Consultants for SharePoint Consultancy

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SharePoint Consulting is very helpful for the business organizations as through that they can be well organized. For having this kind of consultancy you can hire regarding consultants which is the most beneficial thing for any business organization. They are able to provide so many solutions and services. They can help you to report different features for developing data of organization and share it among the other organizations. Now the question is that from where you can find these important people? The answer for this question is that IT recruitment agencies give these people who are able to help you in customizing different web applications suitable to your firm.

SharePoint consultants are able to provide solutions of different deployment options those can be proved beneficial for your firm. They pay attention carefully to the operation pieces and different additional architectural pieces which can be included in Web applications, Applications Services, Information Architecture and the partnership structure. Recruitment agencies of IT are capable to provide these kind of expert people successfully who can reach the needs and help your business to grow and get success in the market. They work very professionally and give guarantee that they will fulfill all the requirements of your firm which comes under the line of SharePoint functions.

They can give you the perfect advices to the industry for the issues of security and existing systems. It is a wise decision to hire any consultant from any It recruitment agency because they provide assurance that the person to whom you are going to give the responsibility will fulfill your needs and help you to reach the success in the business.

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Recruitment Consultant Jobs – Why Now Is The Time To Apply

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Recruitment consultant jobs are on the increase and they just might be the role that suits you best if you are looking for a rewarding career where hard work pays off; let me explain more.

The global economy is on the move and this time in the right direction. The last few years has seen a global recession with many companies either, ‘going to the wall’ or scaling down by having a job freeze or worse still making employees redundant.

On a positive note this is now changing and many organisations are recruiting again which is good news for all. So how do companies find new staff? Generally there are two ways organisations either; recruit themselves using time and resources they have internally or they hire in a team of professional recruiters.

Internal recruitment teams can vary in size and expertise. Depending on the size of the organisation they will often include people from the human resources function and people from the recruiting department. In some cases this might also include a project team if a large recruitment drive is happening. In most cases internal recruitment will still involve using recruitment agencies because of stretched internal resources.

For many companies using a recruitment company will save them both time and money in addition to providing access to a broader range of potential candidates. Why is this? The truth is a recruitment consultant can dedicate more time to the task and often with a higher level of knowledge of the available candidates. Add into this the latest awareness of the competition for talent and the value of the ‘consultant’ aspect of a recruitment consultant job is plain to see.

With employment increasing many organisations are turning to recruitment companies to supply their talent needs. This then results in a corresponding growth for recruitment companies who in turn have more vacancies for recruitment consultants.

A recruitment consultant in today’s economy has the potential to have a fulfilling, challenging and well paid job. Provided of course they are up for the role.

The good news is that gaining that role is easier than most people realise provided they have the grit and determination needed for any job that involves ‘ selling’ and ‘relationship’ building at various levels.

You can of course contact a company direct; though without prior knowledge of you or someone to ‘sell ‘you in to the hiring manager, it can be an uphill struggle.

An easier place to start is to contact a recruitment agency that specialises in the field. They are known as rec to rec companies. As the name implies they provide recruitment services exclusively to recruitment companies. Many of them specialise as well; either geographically or in specific sectors.

That means you will be able to find a rec to rec company based just in London or one that recruits consultants just for construction or retail or finance. In fact every business sector will have a rec to rec company where that is their speciality.

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Computer Consulting Keeps Business Moving

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People often talk about the speed of doing business, or the speed of business, but what does that really mean? For many companies the speed at which they attract customers and perform their duties comes down to how well they integrate their ideas and offerings with the technology that delivers their final product to the client. Based on the speed at which their network can access the servers and process the information to service a client, some businesses are counting on their IT company to help them to be as successful as possible. Hiring someone to perform computer consulting in Calgary businesses that are dependent upon their speed to deliver results are able to keep pace with the highly competitive world around them.

Giving clients the greatest attention and personal care that they can many Calgary businesses are counting on their consulting firm to keep them moving forward with the latest advancements in hardware and software. Offering communications products as well as IT service to their Calgary clients the computer consulting staff is seeing to it that each piece of equipment is up to date and that the performance of every office machine is operating at an optimal level.

For companies that need a full time IT department, but have not yet grown into the need to hire a group of professionals to network their computers and phone systems together, there is computer consulting for Calgary businesses that want to stay at the forefront of their industry. With everything riding on the support that is provided through computer consulting, Calgary business owners are proving that the speed of business is dependent upon their systems working as efficiently as possible.

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Retirees Thrive In Small Business Marketing Consulting

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Stress coming from work pressures is increasingly linked to illnesses like hypertension, heart attack and anxiety disorders among company executives. As you climb up the corporate ladder, the demands of a position can leave you constantly tired and rob you of quality time with your loved ones. This is why more professionals are downshifting to small business marketing consulting where they can still use their skills and experience to earn income at a less frenetic pace.

Some of the common fears retirees face includes insufficient income and reduced intellectual and social stimulation. Engaging in small business marketing consulting will not only give you opportunities to exercise the skills you honed over the years but it will also allow you to earn perhaps even more than what your former employer paid you.

Benefits of small business marketing consulting

Aside from earning continuously as a consultant, you also get to enjoy the following perks of working on your own:

* Create your personal brand: As an independent consultant, you can now market yourself as an expert in your field, something that you were unable to do as an employee where your employer or the company you worked for took most of the credit.

* Work on your terms: You now get to choose what services to offer, for how much, as well as your hours of work. While you still have to work around timelines set by your clients, how you allocate the hours in between due dates is still at your discretion. Consultants are able to reduce work pressure this way.

* Make more time for life: The reduced workload also gives you more time to do things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time or energy for them. As a consultant, you can work and still have time to tick off some things on your bucket list.

Starting this business is relatively easy using minimal start-up capital, basic office equipment that you may already have at home, segregated workspace at home, minimal Internet skills and some contacts to serve as your first clients. Your biggest asset would be the skills you acquired at work and long years of experience which you can now apply in your clients’ businesses.

While you’ll still need to update some of your techniques to serve your clients’ Internet marketing requirements, these may be learned on the job or with the help of systems developed by Internet marketing experts.

Retirement should not spell the end of the road for you. Transitioning into small business marketing consulting not only provides work continuity but also an opportunity for you to shine.

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The Best Social Media Consultants

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Everybody wants to have the best. In fact, nobody would want to settle for something less than that except if they are stuck and they have nowhere else to go. And yet, this is the last thing in the minds of business people. They do not want to get stuck wherein they are left with no choice but to just accept whatever is laid to them. IN fact, this is the very reason why experts in business marketing had came up with the idea of using the internet as a means of marketing because they could not settle for the benefits that the traditional forms of marketing could offer.

When experts talk about internet marketing, they are not only talking about one particular tool in mind, they are talking about hundreds of different tools that you could use to market a particular product, service or company. One of the strategies that is highly being used today is social media marketing. Those who have not heard of such terms but are interested to try it turn to ask help and advice from social media consultants.

If you have checked out the internet to search for social media consultants, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding them because they are just about everywhere. In fact, there is just overwhelming information about social media marketing that people could get confused which one to do first that is why a social media consultant would be of great help.

The priority of social media consultants is the production of good content for the webpage as well as for distribution to the different article sharing sites in the internet. This is one of the processes that business owners need to consider carefully because a good content could never go wrong. In fact, several internet companies thrive in good content. The reason behind this is the fact that people go online to search for information that could help them. They are after sites that can provide them the content that they need when they need them.

Another trait that consultants should have is the love for social media. This will enable them to analyze which among the many social networking sites should you be fund so that you can target your marketing to the right people.

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Importance Of Consulting Services In Export And Import Markets

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In today’s globalization era, it has become imperative for companies to expand outside their home markets in order to survive. With margins shrinking in the domestic markets due to competition from small size vendors; large companies have been forced to expand their operations in other countries. Organizations face severe challenges while expanding their operations outside their home territories. These challenges could be linguistic, cultural, or legal. Companies also face regulatory problems due to their limited knowledge about local business practices; it is at this juncture that business consulting services prove to be useful.

These business consulting outfits provide information, consulting, and insights to importers and exporters so that they can take accurate decisions. Most of these agencies are staffed with professionals who have decades of experience in international sales management and export consulting. Availing the services of these business consulting outfits will help you acquire the know-how to penetrate foreign markets successfully. If you are looking for a suitable acquisition target to complement your existing bouquet of services then these consulting outfits will help you search for the right company for acquisition or investment. These agencies suggest acquisition targets only after doing a thorough analysis of the target company’s business model and financials.

Usually services begin right from the first client meeting till the signing of the contract. If clients want assistance during business negotiations or while drafting business contracts these agencies will help them with this also. Assistance with respect to sourcing of suppliers is also provided. Whether you are looking for new equipment manufacturers or procurement vendors these agencies will assist you on all these counts helping you to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Some of these business-consulting outfits also offer linguistic support enabling you to enter those markets where English is not the native language. In fact, English is the native language of less than ten percent of the global population which highlights how important these agencies are for international business development. This type of translation support proves very crucial while translating brochures, advertising texts, contacts, web pages and similar such marketing literature. Though these business consulting services are slightly costly but the experience of companies who have availed these services is that the return on investment far exceeds the investments made.

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